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About decubate

The 2021 cryptocurrency bull cycle is attracting a great deal of innovators and investors. The demand for new promising projects with disruptive visions is higher than ever. At the same time, the number of blockchain launchpads, accelerators, and incubators is increasing and gaining traction. Most blockchain launchpads compete for the same blockchain startup inflow.

Decubate has an entirely different approach. Instead of competing in the same startup inflow and helping the problem – Decubate aims to incubate traditional promising startups that have working products and can benefit from blockchain solutions; tokenization. We will become a stepping stone and bridge for promising startups into the blockchain startup inflow.

Connect, Tokenize, fund.

  • new_ideas

    A new pipeline of innovation

    We prioritize incubation process for digital startups that can utilize and benefit from blockchain solutions.

  • connected world

    Empower users

    Justly reward community participants and connect innovators with investors, influencers, advisors, auditors, programmers, and marketeers - worldwide.

  • lists

    Tokenize everything

    Enable the fractionalized ownership of any asset by interoperable tokenization through any blockchain.

Our ecosystem

Decubate features

Crosschain Interoperability

Connect across unlimited blockchains
Imagine: initiate a fundraising campaign on multiple networks. We believe in sharing information across different blockchain networks without the need for an intermediary.
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Tokenize assets

Enable fractionalized ownership of anything
The platform will enable the tokenization of traditional assets. We strongly believe in tokenization hence it is part of our roadmap.

Social incubator

We enable innovators realize their vision as a community
Innovators get the opportunity to receive feedback from investors. The campaign will be listed on the website once the minimum votes has been raised.


Enable fractionalized ownership of anything
The innovator initiates a fundraising campaign. This process has been simplified, you don’t need a technical background. Promised.

Reputation and gamification

Earn reputation and unique NFT's through engagement
We believe in a true reputation model. The community should be rewarded for high reputation scores. Earn rewards by giving feedback, audit projects, provide liquidity and much more.

Easy staking and pooling

Engagement should be rewarded not a hassle
We will provide staking strategies to reward the community for their trust in our future. We have a roadmap that will need years to develop, we’re here to stay.

fair allocation

Enable fractionalized ownership of anything
We believe in decentralisation. Allocation that is being managed between the innovator and the investor. Both parties define the agreements.
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smart lock and vesting

We enable innovators realize their vision as a community.
We have seen enough crowdfunding campaigns with vesting strategies that are just not fair nor realistic. The innovator can choose between different smart vesting.

Join our vision and mission


Accelerate mass adoption of digital assets by offering innovators the resources they need.

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Enable a bridge between traditional incubators and the blockchain ecosystem through a social crowdfunding incubator


Solutions for Innovators

Innovators looking to incubate their project will have an all-in-one platform

The problem

Our solution

  • Problem: High costs

    High legal, escrow, arbitrage and crowdfunding fees.

  • Solution: Smart contacts and DeFi

    Remove the need for middlemen by having smart contracts that take care of vesting, SAFTs, capital escrow and custody.

  • Problem: No feedback from investors

    No crucial advice, network and user feedback pre-seed term.

  • Solution: Community engagement and rewards

    Allow the community to give feedback on every aspect of the incubation, audit and crowdfunding. Rewarding engagement of community members.

  • Problem: Fraud and rug pulls

    Minimum due diligence like verifying the existence of team members and contract audits are lacking in many IDO's. The launchpads focus on quantity instead of quality.

  • Solution: Empower numbers

    We always say 1000 eyes are better than 2 eyes. A larger portion of users can spot red flags, audit contracts and share information with the rest of the community and get rewarded.

and much more..

Solutions for Investors

Investors looking for promising projects will have an all-in-one platform

The problem

Our solution

  • Problem: Difficult and expensive entry

    Difficult investment entry for promising projects and companies.

  • Solution: Fair and simple allocation

    Fair and easy allocation using advanced reward systems and easy UI and UX.

  • Problem: Lack of incentives

    No incentives to stick to the platform or contribute.

  • Solution: Reward engagement

    Reward community members for their input, engagement, research and voting.

  • Problem: Fraud and unfair resellers

    Many brokers are reselling deals and putting extra fees on top of it. In addition to that, verifying the legitimacy of a project takes time and resources with no guarantees.

  • Solution: Full transparency

    All information about the project, sale, token economics, vesting and allocation from innovators will be transparent and processed by smart contracts.

and much more..

our Roadmap

Start phase

- Established company
- Core team
- Whitepaper
- Seed and strategic sales
- Technical paper phase 1

Q2 2021

$DCB launch and MVP

- Token generation event
- Listing on Pancakeswap
- Liquidity rewards and pools
- MVP launch

Q3 2021

Phase 1

- Incubation voting mechanics
- Reputation mechanics
- Distribution contracts
- Pooling contracts

Q4 2021

Main-net initial iteration

- (ERC20 & BEP20) Smart contract configuration
- Incubation rewards
- Feedback features

Q1 2022

Polkadot integration

- Launch Mainnet Platform
- Token swap bridge
- Polkadot integration (parachains)

Q2 2022

Tokenize anything

- Legal framework to tokenize traditional assets - Business solutions for traditional businesses

H2 2022


Decubate is a one stop blockchain solutions platform for any business that wants to utilize tokenization, smart contracts, DeFi, NFT's, non-custody solutions, decentralized listings and much more. Build with us.

- 2023


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